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Intercept Filmcraft, expand and ignite your mind

Vission Statement

With an aim to be one of the most trusted production houses in the market, we believe in simple yet stimulating and invigorating stories that can capture your heart. Our commitment is to convey your story and we derive inspiration from unique individuals who come together as one. There is more to us than meets the eye. As we expand your mind and ignite your imagination


Mission Statement

  • To accommodate Indonesian filmmakers in producing quality movies.
  • To prioritize cinematography.
  • To encourage dedication among filmmakers.
  • To participate in domestic and overseas filmmaking activities.
  • To create intelligent, refined, original, and entertaining entertainments for everyone


Our Values

  • Embracing – we are open, adaptive and collaborative
  • Confident – we are trusted, amiable, passionate
  • Persistent – we are diligent, committed and resourceful

There's such good people out there where their film making world is alive

Josh Lucas

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